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Become a Member

To become a member of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada, please submit a Membership Form along with payment
and someone from our office will contact you shortly, or call Adi Baker at (416) 510-8647 Ext #2.





Producing Country

The government of any tea and/or herbal producing country or duly designated agency shall be eligible to be a member of the Association.


In the business of importing tea and/ or herbal tea in bulk only, there is no ‘value added’ to the product.


In the business of importing tea and/or herbal tea and adding value to the product and/or selling tea brands.


In the business of selling tea and/or herbal in a retail store (brick and mortar), online, wholesale or any combination of the above.

Allied Trade

A partnership or corporation engaged in any business allied or associated with the tea and/or herbal trade.


This is strictly for graduates of our Tea Sommelier® Certification Program who are not involved in any other membership category. To use and maintain the Tea Sommelier® designation, the Code of Conduct must be signed and membership to the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada must be paid every year.



  Producing Country Importer Packer Retailer Allied Trade Tea Sommelier
Member Pricing at Events x x x x x x
Weekly Tea Bulletin x x x x x x
Member Alerts x x x x x x
Marketing Resources x x x x x x
Webinars (2 complimentary/year) x x x x x x
AGM Attendance x x x x x x
Industry Advice x x x x x  
Crisis Support x x x x x  
Legislation Information x x x x x  
Secure Members Website Area x x x x x  
Access to Research x x x x x  
Group Buying Benefits Program x x x x x x
Credit Card Discount Program x x x x x  
THAC Website Listing x x x x x x
Find a Retailer Website Listing       x    
Work with a Tea Sommelier® Listing           x
Tea Grading Program     x