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Starting June 1, 2023 the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada will offer three new certifications: Tea Specialist, Foodservice Tea Specialist and Herbs & Infusions Certificate.

As of June 1, 2023 the Tea Sommelier® program will include the Herbs & Infusions courses. All students who are currently registered in the Tea Sommelier® program or who have taken Tea Sommelier® courses prior to June 1, 2023 will not be required to take the additional courses in order qualify for the final Tea Sommelier® certification exam.

Tea Sommelier®

A TAC Tea Sommelier® is someone who has a thorough understanding of tea and herbal tea from bush to cup. In addition to being knowledgeable in tea’s history, processing methods and preparation, they can confidently interact with anyone about tea and make recommendations based on their needs. A certified TAC Tea Sommelier® has the necessary expertise to design a comprehensive tea menu for retail and food service environments, understand and apply the principles behind tea and food pairings and articulate the tasting notes associated with different teas and herbal teas.


Tea Specialist

A Tea Specialist is someone who has intermediate knowledge of tea from bush to cup. They can confidently talk about the different tea types and are knowledgeable in different parts of the tea industry business.


Foodservice Tea Specialist

A Foodservice Tea Specialist is someone who has knowledge of tea and how to successfully talk about it and use it in a foodservice environment. They are qualified to communicate with customers about the different types of tea and make recommendations for tea and food pairing.


Herbs & Infusions Certificate

A person who holds the Herbs & Infusions Certificate has knowledge of the history of botanicals and how they are now used within the tea industry. They understand the flavour profiles of a variety of popular botanicals and how they can be used within tea and herbal tea blends and other culinary applications (mixology, baking, cooking).


Qualifications Breakdown:

CourseTea Sommelier® Certification*Tea Specialist**Foodservice Tea Specialist**Herbs & Infusions Certificate**
TEA 101: Introduction to Teaxxx 
TEA 102: Tea Regions of the Worldx   
TEA 103: Tea Sensory Developmentx   
TEA 104: Tea Typesxxx 
TEA 105: From Bush to Cupxx  
TEA 106: Preparation, Consumption & Healthx   
TEA 107: Menu Design, Food Pairing & Cooking with Teax x 
TEA 108: The Business of Teaxx  
HI-101: Introduction to Herbs & Botanicalsx  x
HI-102: Herbal Processing & Common Herbs in Teaxxxx
HI-103: Blending & Culinary Applicationsx  x
Final Tea Sommelier Certification Examx   
Exam: multiple choice & presentation x  
Exam: presentation  x 

* THAC shall issue any student who completes the Tea Sommelier® certification a hard copy certificate.

**THAC shall issue any student who completes the Tea Specialist, Foodservice Tea Specialist or Herbs & Infusions Certificate a digital certificate of completion.

To use and maintain all of the above certifications, the Code of Conduct must be signed and membership to the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada must be paid every year. For certifications that include an exam, the first year of membership at the corresponding level of membership is granted on a complimentary basis upon passing the final exam.